Apartments in the new complex Porto Novi

Apartments by the sea in Montenegro of various sizes in an elite complex Porto Novi

Lot 1749


Kumbor. Apartments, penthouses and villas - in the new luxury resort village of Porto Novi.

A beautiful tourist center, one of the most popular destinations on the Adriatic. A total of 214 luxury residences, including apartments, penthouses, bedrooms and villas. There are also public places such as private parks and beaches, as well as commercial areas with houses, restaurants, pubs, cafes, and luxury goods. Including shops, galleries, etc.


1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments

Apartments area from 74 sq.m. up to 258 sq.m.

Apartment prices - from 555,000 to 2,825,000 euros

Penthouses and villas:

Range of penthouses and duplexes and villas: 287 sqm up to - 659 sq.m.

Size of One & Only villas: from 561 sq.m. up to 871 sq.m.


Prices and sizes of available apartments:


One bedroom apartments:

-area from 74 to 133 sq.m., prices - from 555,000 to 990,000 euros.

Two bedroom apartments:

-area from 129 to 218 sq.m., prices - from 975,000 to 2,080,000 euros.

Three bedroom apartments:

-area from 170 to 254 sq.m., prices - from 1,150,000 euros to 2,815,000 euros.

Four bedroom apartments:

- area from 224 to 258 sq. m., prices - from 1,835,000 to 2,825,000 euros.


The offer also includes penthouses, duplexes and villas Village and Sky.

-area from 287 sq.m. up to 659 sq.m, prices - from 3,000,000 to 10,000,000 euros.


Various types of facilities and services - such as kindergarten, gym, spa, fitness center, bank, furniture store, car rental, gym, etc. - provide a comfortable daily life.


Super Marine 238 seats. Marina has the necessary technical capabilities and equipment for parking yachts up to 120 meters in length.

Customs, helipad, water taxi, duty-free fuel, and other services are provided for you in the complex.

Many years of experience of partners in managing D-Marina. - a guarantee of a high level and quality of services provided.

One & Only Resort. it is the leading component of the Portonovi system. It boasts 113 luxury hotel suites, the Sabia by Giorgio Locatelli restaurant, which is deservedly awarded a Michelin star. In addition, there are numerous outdoor pools and beaches, as well as the One & Only Pool, with the Tapasake restaurant and the Espace Chenot health spa.

Price depends on many factors such as size, location, area, landscape, hotel and hotel surroundings, sea and / or shopping area, beach, other amenities, etc.

Known as the Signature Residence, One & Only Villas are of high quality and are in the premium category. These impressive beachfront villas have 3 and 4 bedrooms. Each villa has its own private beach, marina, and swimming pool. These villas feature luxurious furnishings designed to individual standards for individuals.

The land area is from 561 to 871 square meters, and the cost is from 9.85 to 15.24 million euros. Owners can participate in the villa rental program.


One & Only Private Villas, also known as Signature Residences or One & Only Villas, are considered premium. These impressive coastal villas are offered in 3 and 4 bedrooms and all have their own beach, jetty, infinity pool and swim platform. These villas include luxurious furnishings designed to a One & Only standard. Their areas range from 561 m2 to 871 m2, and the price range is from 9.85 to 15.24 million euros. Owners will be able to participate in their villa rental program and join the One & Only booking system.


We issue a residence permit upon purchase! Legal support!

Buyers - bonuses: free airport transfer, and free accommodation for the period of paperwork - in our best apartments!

Inna Konchits - Managing Partner of EMG Possession, your personal manager.
Inna Konchits - Managing Partner of EMG Possession, your personal manager.

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