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HOW TO GET GRENADA CITIZENSHIP The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program was renewed in 2013 and offers investors and their families the opportunity to move freely. And of course, citizens of Grenada can visit the countries of the European Union without an additional visa application. As you can see, over the past 20 years, the economy of Grenada has begun to develop dynamically. Its course changed from agriculture to tourism. There is no doubt that tax reforms have also played a role. It goes without saying that the absence of a non-resident income tax, gift tax and inheritance tax made Grenada a notable player in the industry. Registration through a licensed Partner of an official Program Operator, such as EMG Possession, excludes third parties, saves you time. In September 2018, the authorities in Grenada included an amendment to the law that gives the program a unique advantage. Now the citizenship of Grenada can be issued not only for the spouse, parents and children. Grenadian citizenship entitles you to visa-free travel to more than 110 countries around the world. Including China, Great Britain (even after Brexit), Brazil. And of course, all EU countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement. Many states in the Caribbean maintain links with the United Kingdom and the Schengen countries. Some countries, including Grenada, have an agreement with Hong Kong on visa-free travel. But the right to visit China and stay there for 30 days, without even drawing up documents in advance, have citizens of only 5 countries in the world. And Grenada is one of them. The passport of a citizen of Grenada allows you to apply for an E2 visa to the United States (nonimmigrant business visa). Because, only citizens of countries that have a special valid agreement with the United States on this visa can apply for an E2 visa in the United States. First of all, the Citizenship of Grenada program differs from other programs in the region by the advantage of being able to obtain a Treaty Investor E-2 visa. If you are interested in an investment immigrant visa in the United States, then read the details of applying for an EB-5 visa. More >> The Embassy of Grenada in the Russian Federation operates in Moscow. It is the only Caribbean country with a Citizenship by Investment program to open its embassy in Russia. However, the registration of Grenadian citizenship is carried out through a licensed Agent of the official Operator of the program. For example - EMG Possession. Thus, EMG Possession can obtain a full cost estimate and apply for Grenadian citizenship. And, of course, get a Grenada passport. And also, after the expiration of the "crust", to reissue the passport. PROGRAM 1 ⇓ STATE FUND PAYMENT (NTF) contribution in the amount of $ 150,000 (USD) per applicant. $ 200,000 (USD) for 1-4 people. + additional $ 25,000 (USD) for each with more than 4. PROGRAM 2 ⇓ BUYING A PROPERTY IN GRENADA in the amount of at least $ 220,000 (USD) citizenship of Grenada EMG Possession is a licensed partner of the official Operator of the State of Grenada for work with investor citizenship programs. BENEFITS OF GRENADA CITIZENSHIP - Visa-free visits to EU countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, Great Britain. - Ease of registration of participation in the program: no interview is required, and there are no requirements for accommodation. - No income tax for non-residents, gift and inheritance tax. - This program is valid for the applicant's spouse, his children under 25 years old and parents over 65 years old. As well as the brothers and sisters of the applicant and his wife, subject to certain conditions. - The terms for consideration of applications are on average 3 months. Registration of citizenship, taking into account the preparation of documents - 6 months. REQUIREMENTS TO THE APPLICANT - Do not sell real estate for 4 years - Pay the state fee - Pass a medical check-up - Pass the security check Such a distant Caribbean Grenada will come closer as you learn more about this island, which can be reached with direct flights from London, New York, Miami and Toronto. Or moor at the local port, which is operated by the renowned yachting company Camper & Nicholsons Marinas. Now two brand hotels are being built here at once, for investments in which one can obtain citizenship of Grenada. And one of them, Kimpton Kawana Bay, is at the final stage of construction, and the second, Six Senses La Sagesse, is just starting. How much does the citizenship of Grenada cost by investment and is it worth it, read the special materials >>. HERE - LINK TO PHOTOS Citizenship of Grenada: remote registration during the quarantine period Following Saint Kitts and Saint Lucia, Grenada begins remotely accepting and processing applications for Grenadian citizenship. Effective Friday, April 3, 2020, the Grenada Citizenship Investment Authority began using an improved electronic document processing system. It is also important to note that, despite the quarantine, all banks in Grenada e work. Transactions go through, payments are credited. This means that nothing will prevent you from starting to apply for citizenship of Grenada by investment. In a normal situation, copies and originals of the required documents for application to the program must be sent to Grenada. But now, when air traffic is limited, the authorities of the Caribbean countries are making a "discount" on the circumstances. GRENADA CITIZENSHIP FOR THE PURCHASE OF PROPERTY Holiday property on the island of Grenada. Acquisition of a stake in the construction of a hotel in Grenada entitles you to apply for citizenship. GRENADA CITIZENSHIP FOR THE PURCHASE OF PROPERTY Back in 2019, the investment rate for the Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Purchase program was reduced from $ 350,000 to $ 220,000. At the same time, another amendment was also made to the program law. It is she who allows, after the expiration of the agreed period, to sell a share in projects approved by the authorities to other investors wishing to obtain citizenship of Grenada for the purchase of real estate. So, to apply for citizenship, you need to invest in one of the state-approved projects. Usually this is a share in a hotel under construction. And after 5 years, this share can be sold, and the developer is not responsible for the redemption of the share. EMG Possession continually monitors the best property offers for citizenship programs and their construction status, thanks to its extensive presence in the Caribbean. HOTEL KIMPTON KAWANA BAY The construction of a resort near the Grand Anse beach with 146 rooms has been actively underway since 2017. The opening is scheduled for early 2019. The hotel is part of the international network InterContinental Hotels Group®. Full property from $ 220,000 USD. Project for the program "Citizenship of Grenada for the purchase of real estate". HOTEL SIX SENSES LA SAGESSE Construction of a 100-room luxury hotel began in February 2020. The project focuses on privacy: 30 individual pools, kitchens and gyms in each villa, separate entrances to the rooms. During construction, the investor can stay 7 days a year in the premium hotels already built by this developer on the neighboring islands. And upon completion - to live a week of the year at the Six Senses La Sagesse hotel and receive your share of the hotel's profits. The developer of the Six Senses La Sagesse project is one of the most successful developers in the Caribbean and has already successfully launched two branded resorts with the support of Citizenship by Investment programs. Share from $ 220,000 USD. Our experts constantly receive from the founders of the programs up-to-date lists of documents, accurate data on the amount of fees. In addition, our company directly submits the documents of applicants for consideration to special departments in the countries where the programs are established.


PROGRAM 1 STATE FUND PAYMENT (NTF) contribution in the amount of $ 150,000 (USD) per applicant. $ 200,000 (USD) for 1-4 people. + additional $ 25,000 (USD) for each with more than 4. PROGRAM 2 BUYING A PROPERTY IN GRENADA in the amount of at least $ 220,000 (USD) citizenship of Grenada

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