How to get Caribbean citizenship

There are currently several investment programs in the Caribbean. And EMG Possession, as a licensed agent, offers to obtain a second citizenship without the participation of third parties in the states: Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada and Saint Lucia. Caribbean citizenship What are the guarantees of obtaining a Caribbean passport when applying through EMG Possession? With the help of EMG Possession, you will be able to pass a pre-check and assess your chances of obtaining Caribbean citizenship, correctly prepare a package of documents under close scrutiny and with the assistance of EMG Possession specialists, apply for participation in the Caribbean Citizenship for the purchase of real estate program, receive full legal support on a real estate transaction, use the services of a tax consultant. We will present a catalog of real estate objects of your choice, including profitable offers for the purchase of apartments in branded projects. Every application is thoroughly reviewed, including due diligence checks through professional external contractors. Therefore, when we are asked the question of what guarantees for an investor in Citizenship by Investment programs to receive a passport, we suggest going through the mandatory pre-check procedure from EMG Possession. This will help to weigh all the possibilities, to predict the result. At this stage, the investor communicates with the lawyer of EMG Possession. It may take time to resolve some issues, and therefore we recommend postponing the submission of documents for this time. For EMG Possession's credo is to apply for Citizenship by Investment programs that have a 100% chance of success. If the situation with the investor profile is very difficult due to a number of factors, EMG Possession will arrange for the client to undergo a preliminary due diligence check with a professional contractor. One of those that are accredited by the state to verify applicants for investment citizenship. Caribbean citizenship: where to apply, who to include in the application, what are the deadlines? Since the international company EMG Possession is a licensed Agent of the official Operator of all key Caribbean citizenship programs, we know all the requirements in force. As well as all the features of the procedure and the specifics of preparing documents for investors from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. The Official Partner of EMG Possession, the Official Operator of all Citizenship by Investment Programs, has a permanent office in Moscow, as well as offices in the Caribbean in Saint Kitts, Dominica and Saint Lucia. Pay attention to the specifics of each program. It is important to understand that the specified investment amount for Caribbean citizenship programs does not include government fees, notary fees, document apostille costs and the cost of a licensed agent, EMG Possession. Get advice on the full cost of applying for Caribbean citizenship, send us an Application for a free consultation. Below, at the end of the publication, under the heading "Additional Files", we bring to your attention a comparative table of the countries of Caribbean citizenship, so that you can weigh all the options. Our experts constantly receive from the founders of the programs up-to-date lists of documents, accurate data on the amount of fees. In addition, our company directly submits the documents of applicants for consideration to special departments in the countries where the programs are established.


It is important to note that the procedure for many Caribbean citizenship programs does not include a visit to the country. The application process itself takes about six months. After completing the registration, the passport will be sent to our Moscow office. Thanks to Caribbean citizenship, you will not be dependent on visas for your travels in the EU and the UK.

Caribbean citizenship

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