House of carved stone.

Three kilometers from the famous village of Lustica Bay and 20 kilometers from the city of Tivat, in Montenegro, is a luxuriously equipped villa built of carved natural stone, hand-crafted.

Each stone block from which the walls were erected passed through the hands of masters, who gave it the necessary sizes and shapes.

The combination of modern and traditional elements that were used in the construction makes this villa extremely attractive for both luxurious living and luxurious relaxation.

The villa is located on a plot of 587 sq. Meters, the total area of ​​the villa and auxiliary facilities is 335 sq. Meters, where -205 sq. Meters is the villa itself, and 130 sq. Meters is a sauna + pool + Turkish bath.

Armored entrance doors, alarm and video surveillance - security and peace of mind of you and your family.

Convenience is provided by three bathrooms, three bedrooms and two living rooms. The pool is 40 cubic meters, with a waterfall and hydromassage.

The sauna is treated with linden - experts understand that this is an ideal tree for a bath - as it does not burn the body at any temperature.

Centralized heating and air conditioning support the necessary climate in all rooms.

The yard is made of concrete and natural stone.

In the courtyard (220sq.m) - fruit trees, an English lawn and olive trees, whose age is over 200 years.

The interior doors and window frames are made of natural oak, the external window frames are made of high-strength aluminum, the glazing is made of quartz glass.

The internal flights of stairs are made of high quality polished natural stone.

Fireplaces are also made of natural stone, the device of fireplaces corresponds to the most advanced technologies.

The villa is equipped with the latest lighting technology, alarm and video surveillance. ZhK lamps are built into the ceilings for background illumination of the premises.

A Turkish bath, a sauna and a pool, in seclusion, in the midst of beautiful nature and a sea breeze filled with aromas of juniper, pine needles, and mountain herbs - will make your life filled with an indescribable feeling of fullness of life and calm contemplation.

From the windows of all rooms and from the terraces - a gorgeous view of the sea and the pool in the courtyard opens, which gives an every second feeling of a successful life and the right time and resources.

We lead you to the door of your dreams!

Get ready for the road!

Your house by the sea is waiting for you !!!


Inna Konchits - Managing Partner of EMG Possession, your personal manager.
Inna Konchits - Managing Partner of EMG Possession, your personal manager.

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