Villa with a beach-pier in Jurashevichi

Villa for sale by the sea in Montenegro with its own pier in the village of Dzhurashevichi
Lot 412
Description Tivat, Jurashevichi.
Unique modern villa, with its own pier-beach, 40 m wide;
The villa is formed by two buildings on three levels.
The living areas of both buildings are open communal areas with kitchen, dining and living areas.
The villa was built at the end of 2017.
Land area: 963m2 (561 + 403m2);
The villa is divided into two parts.
Total area: 676m2, including:
Part 1, area: 348m2; Part 2, area: 248m2;
Bedrooms: 9; Bathrooms: 11;
Solar heated swimming pool;
Berth for boats;
Climate control system for heating / cooling
Warm floor system
Two fireplaces
Guest apartment, built between two buildings - connects the two parts of the villa and gives the impression of a unique ground floor.
The villa has a total of nine bedrooms with eleven bathrooms.
The swimming pool is centrally located between the two buildings.
The upper level of both buildings is the sleeping area.
The rooms are isolated from the influence of the street and neighboring buildings.
Access to the sea - from all rooms in the house through massive panoramic windows.
Thanks to its modern architectural design and renewable energy sources, the villa has become a unique property in the area and an example of a successful fit into the already built landscape. Local stone quarried during the construction was used to clad the facade of the basement and the terrace facing the sea.
Sanitary ware, ceramics, doors and windows, as well as all technical equipment and household appliances were imported from Spain, Italy, Germany and several other European countries.
The entire villa has underfloor heating, central air conditioning, two fireplaces as a decorative element and an alternative heat source.
Solar panels are used to heat the pool water.
Building 1: corridor, 2 bathrooms, pantry, kitchen, living room, laundry room, bedroom with bathroom.
Building 2: corridor, bathroom, laundry, living room, bedroom with bathroom.
Building 1: corridor, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room.
Building 2: corridor, bathroom, TV room, living room with dining area and kitchen.
Building 1: corridor, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, terrace
Building 2: corridor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace Guest apartment:
One bedroom with bathroom
We issue a residence permit upon purchase.
Legal support.
All our customers have bonuses - free airport transfer and free accommodation for the duration of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
Inna Konchits - Managing Partner of EMG Possession, your personal manager.
Inna Konchits - Managing Partner of EMG Possession, your personal manager.

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